Friday, November 11, 2005

Where have I been lately?

Where have I been? Let me see . . .

Last weekend . . .

  • Hiking across La Tigra National Park (and 2 hours afterward trying to find a ride back to Tegus)
  • Falling down in the mud (twice!) during the hike
  • A "shortcut" straight up the side of a mountain
  • Returning to Tegus and walking into a hotel covered from head to toe in mud, crabby, hungry and tired

Tuesday night . . .

  • My first rock concert in Honduras--Juanes (15,000 people in camisas negras)
  • Getting sent by security to use the men´s bathroom at the concert--men using the urinals while women waited to use the stalls right next to them!

Right now . . .

  • In Tegus, on my way to Valle de Angeles for a volunteer retreat
  • Stopping at the grocery to buy cookies and marshmallows
  • Finishing my graduate school application
  • Planning Christmas shopping
  • Trying to do a little freelance writing for, a great site about Honduras
  • A week from today, I will be home for a visit! So, lately, I´ve been imagining how it will feel to take hot showers for 10 days straight, eat a bagel, drive a car, hug my family and friends, pet the dog, throw all my clothes in a washing machine and dryer, not eat every meal with a spoon, curl my hair with hot rollers, listen to my iPod, hear a phone ring, watch television, be able to order at a restaurant in English, not have to be crammed into the back of a colectivo taxi to get places, not have to check my backpack at the grocery store, sleep under my down comforter, and eat my fill of turkey and cranberry sauce!


Well, I like to think that next week I´ll be seeing some of you! To my friends who´ll be home, please give me a call at my parents or send me an email. I can´t wait to sit and have a Leinie´s with you.


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