Thursday, January 13, 2005

Finding the Masochist in Me

"Scratch a traveler and you´ll find a masochist underneathe." --B. Severgnini, Ciao America!

Well, I think this quote is a fair one to share, although, fortunately, my travels have been fairly painless so far. (Gracias a Dios!)

My sister and I arrived in Copán Ruinas, Honduras last Saturday.

The 2 1/2 hour bus ride from San Pedro Sula was rollercoastery enough to warrant Dramamine. Needless to say, I didn´t have any. So I suffered. (The masochist in me indeed brought out by my travels.) I also have to admit: I survived.

The bus ride was bumpy, but beautiful. The mountains here are a green that glows, a color that does not belong to us or our world. To someone still in shock from arriving in a new country and (somewhat) speaking a new language, I remember them now as if they are magazine photos beneath a layer of glue on a elementary school project. They aren´t quite mine and a little fuzzy.

Copán is a small town in which all needs can be fulfilled by a short walk a few blocks this way or that. The streets are a chaotic mix of cobblestones with sidewalks that drop off unexpectedly and at irregular intervals. Collarless (mostly) dogs run the streets, occasionally casting a threatening glance in the direction of a gringo (me). The streets are always filled with people--locals and travellers. There is, as you would guess, no question who is who.

The taxis here appear to have been stolen from a graveyard of amusement park bumper cars. They are tiny red things with a name (the owner´s?) painted on the window and a white, plastic roof which pops up or down depending on the weather. They seat two (comfortably) or three (uncomfortably) in the back. The drivers beep constantly and constantly bombard gringos and locals with offers of service.

I have to note here, before I say adios, an apology for my English. Those of you who have studied another language must understand that in order for one to learn a new tongue, one must surrender everything. This includes my English grammar of which I have been so proud.

My time on the computer is running out. More when I have time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds a bit like Tanzania. have fun

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