Friday, February 04, 2005

Then There Were Seven

On Wednesday, after 2+ weeks of living in a room of 8 girls, I packed my bags. How amazing it was to see all I´ve accumulated in only 3 weeks. I loaded up rolls of toilet paper (a truly valuable thing), smushed my "new" jeans in my backpack, wrapped up my plate and cup, rolled up my blanket and sheets, and dusted off my luggage.

I put on my backpack and started my trek. I walked by Casa Eva (where the abuelos--grandparents--live), past Padre Renayldo´s house with its colorful porch and tidy garden, past the beloved internet house and main office, to my new home on the hill.

¡Que suerte! Hannah and I were fortunate enough to be assigned a room outside of Casa Personal where most volunteers live, 20 to a kitchen, for their year here. The privilege of living outside Casa Personal is usually reserved for the older (either in age or duration of stay here) volunteers, so we are really quite lucky. (Casa Personal is not a bad place, but definitely resembles a crowded college dorm at times . . . well, all the time, really.)

We have a gorgeous little room with a red tile floor and wooden ceiling and, most wonderfully, windows on 3 of the 4 walls. It is bright and airy with views of the mountains. We have "real" plumbing (translation: a toilet that you don´t have to manually fill with water and then stick your hand into to flush), lace curtains, and a walk-in closet (seriously!). My friend Elizabeth (college roomate, freshman year) and I currently share the room, and Hannah will move in after Elizabeth leaves next weekend.

I go back to Casa Personal to visit sometimes, but, is always nice to end my day in my new room. As Elizabeth puts it, bedtime is the best time of day. I will be heading there shortly.


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Mmmm... Casa Personal.


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